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Civic buildings design

We create civic buildings that bring maximum profit to the owner. They are iconic, bright, and comfortable places of leisure for citizens

Benefits for you

BIM and 3D design (a tangible result in the early stages of the project, speeding up work by 2 times, eliminating collisions in the project and reducing construction costs by up to 30% and increasing construction speed
We will reduce the operating costs of buildings to a minimum with the help of architectural and engineering solutions. Certification for international energy efficiency standards LEED, BREAM
Brand concept
We design lifestyle, not just m². We are working on the semantic and ideological components of the project. We develop the brand concept of the object, prepare promotional materials for sales
The project will reduce your marketing costs for the sale or rental of real estate to a minimum and bring profit
International experience
We develop projects of varying complexity in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Australia and the UAE
Synergy of architecture and design
We think about the interior design of rooms at the architectural design stage



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