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Architectural design
of house

Get a custom home design.
We will help you to comfortably go through the design & construction phase and soon feel the joy of country life.

Benefits for you

Проект двухэтажного дома на склоне
Synergy of architecture and design
3d BIM model of a house with engineering layout, lighting calculation, natural ventilation, and details. We are designing houses with considering of the equipment and furniture arrangement. At any time during the design phase of the house, you can walk through it in virtual space
Savings during construction
We optimize the cost of construction due to simple technical solutions. We exclude unforeseen costs at the construction stage due to a detailed project
Energy efficiency
All new homes should be at least energy efficient, and even better zero-energy. For the first time, monthly house payments will make you happy
Проект двухэтажного дома на склоне



Do you still think you need a project?

Unforeseen costs
There is no project - there is no BOQ. Hence the manipulations by builders on building materials volumes
Unexpected result
Without a good project, improvisations begin on the construction site. From here it is impossible to foresee what the house will turn out as a result.
Builders Questions
Then the builders begin to have technical questions about how to solve one or another node in place. They put the responsibility on you
Operational problems
Cracks, leaks, mold, high utility bills, etc. - faithful companions of an ill-conceived and unprofessional project
Clueless spaces
Rooms where nothing can be placed. Corridor rooms. Or non-functional areas. Material overrun
No architecture
There is no harmony in the facades, ill-conceived layouts, uncomfortable functional connections

How should it be

Sequence is important
The house is a system solution and any adjustment during construction will result in a lot of money. Therefore, we think through the project to the details and make all changes in the early stages of the project, when the risks for you are minimal.
Professional project
We develop all parts of the project in detail. These are the architectural project (benefit and beauty), the structure project (strength), the engineering project (viability). Linking these projects together eliminates unresolved details that affect the architecture of the house.
BIM design
We build a detailed 3D copy of the house before construction starts. You can take a walk around the house at the early stages of the project, understand how certain solutions work, speed up the work of designers by 2 times, avoid collisions in the project and save money and time during construction up to 30%. You will also receive an estimate of materials for building a house.
Construction administration
Half the battle is to make a project. It is important to implement it. We will protect your interests at the construction site and make sure that the construction goes according to the project. Let's protect against the statements of the builders that this is impossible, let's do as we are used to and questions on the technical side. You will get the expected result without the headache.

Your path to building your own home

First meeting. Determine if we have the same values and views
The surveyor draws up a site plan with a relief, binding of trees, shrubs, communications and neighboring houses - this is the basis on which we will design a house
We help to draw up a detailed project brief for the design. We define all your wishes explicit and implicit
An information-gathering phase will be the foundation for the design phases to follow. The main goal is to learn everything possible about our client's goals and space requirements.
In this phase, we begin the process of translating the Program into an efficient building design. This is when we start exploring design concepts; it is the time for testing options and getting a general idea of the look and feel
By the end of this phase, the building exterior will be more fully designed, the interior layout completed, dimensions of all spaces finalized, and most materials selected
The design drawings are developed into a precise and thorough set of construction documents containing all of the information necessary to communicate the design to a general contractor and build the project
The construction drawings along with any additional information required to get a building permit are submitted to the city/jurisdiction for review and approval
Some clients already have a contractor in mind when they come to us, but many take advantage of our extensive contractor rolodex and relationships to find their builder and obtain competitive bids 
During construction, the architect's role is an advisor to the owner. During this phase we visit the job site at regular intervals to answer questions from the builder and proactively address potential issues

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