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Reconception of the residential complex in Pechersk
Дата выполнения проекта


2021 year
Данные о проекте


Multi-apartment residential building with multilevel underground parking
43 750 м²
Локация проекта


Kyiv, Ukraine


KONOVALETS residence
The complex creates a new urban environment around itself due to repetitions and contrasts, rhythm and meter
Multifamily residence at Konovalets street
Контекстуальный анализ
Контекстуальный анализ
Контекстуальный анализ
Контекстуальный анализ
So that the house does not seem like a great Chinese wall, threatening to crush the beholder with its mass, it was visually divided into 3 separate sections-buildings, each of which has its own facade solution.

Facade solutions for these 3 sections were chosen by taking into account the surrounding buildings in order to visually “tear-off” the buildings from each other and create the illusion of building depth due to contrast.

The verticals of the right building contrast with the horizontals of the neighbors. The horizontal lines of the left building contrast with the cellular structure of the left neighbor. The central part of the designed building is designed as a mixture of elements from neighboring sections, but not repeating them directly.

Also, to avoid the boring silhouette of 25-storey buildings, each section is visually lowered or increased in height to create a vertical rhythm along the street facade.
Жилой комплекс по ул. Коновальца
Konovalets residence
Elevation morphology research
Elevation morphology research
Multifamily residence at Konovalets street

Preliminary options for facade solutions

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